Currently 41 Links:

Amirin's C/P Slash Page.
Links to the CP section, but is also an author of PK and others.


Blackcat's Voyager Slash Fiction

Bog's Dreamspace.
Faith and Rebirth

Brenda Antrim's Fan Fiction Archive

'Bridget J. Cochran's Fiction
Author of the sweet serie with Dr. Tom.

Brazenhussy's Voyager Slash

CatHeights' Lair.
An author of both P/T and C/P.

Chakotay/Paris Support Group

Dark Rapier
Home for The Gift and Man Hath No Fury

Debra Fran Baker's Notebook
Lot's of great fanfiction.

Helmboy's Slash page.
Author of many great stories, Caanan Land is one of the best.
Enough material for a couple of days.

Irye's Voyager Fan Fiction
Has written a lot of great CP stories. Among them 'All that I am' and the series that is not yet finished but still it's worth a look 'Maquis

Jadzia's Homepage

Janeway's Tom Yum Page
A fantastic author of CP, with some PK and JP

Judy's Home Page
A writer of many great PT, PK and CP stories

Features Tom at 22 (an AU piece)

Kiff's Voyager Slash page.
Has some great P/N, C/P and J/C stories.

Kitara's Fiction Archive
Very good CP

Leone's C/P page.
Author of The Prince and the Nightmare series. There are also soundfiles and pictures.

Lianne Burwell

Margaret Berger.
Author of My Chakotay and The Sweet Dreams series.

Mel Blue

Miriam Heddy's Little Corner Of The Universe
Some great PK and CP

Mona's Fiction Page
Mona Ramsay's homepage, with many other pairings from various shows than CP.

Features Beloved Enemy and Other great stories

Paris Nights
A great TP archive, with tons of pictures and links.

RH_CHAN's refuge
Some very good CP.

Sapphire's Chakotay/Paris Page

Siubhan's House of Horror 

Speedo's Slash Page 

Is the place to go if you want something contaning CP.
They are currently working on a Round the Robin Board 'Rod of Iron"

Tepa's CeePee Slashers!
Not much yet, but her fic so far is great.
Terebitha's Illusionary Realm
The Writings of Lady Phoenix

Tom Paris Pics 
A very good CP series and lots of great and beautiful pictures.

Veronica Jane Williams Voyager Page
Some very fine CP, PT, JP, and P7

Virg and Fort's Fanfiction
Both PK an CP

Voyager Angst Archive.
If you're into angst this is the place. Isn't just about CP though must of it is. Check it out.

Miss Windy's Den of Tommy Torture
A very dynamic page with very good angsty PK and CP fanfic. 

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